Death Anxiety - It's Time You Finally Break Free!

I Will Help You Overcome Death Anxiety, So You Can Live A Full And Fear Free Life.


William Moore

"My Mission Is To Help People Overcome Their Fear, Terror And Anxiety So They Can Feel "Normal" And  Free."

As a world leading expert in Death Anxiety, I speak from a place of deep understanding and personal experience.

For two decades, I battled with death anxiety and depression, culminating in a grueling 5-year journey through cancer treatment and chemotherapy.

I refused to let death anxiety defeat me. Instead of accepting my fate, I sought to help other people and discovered that death anxiety is a symptom of a far deeper problem. The results were life-changing and set me on a new path to help others. Not only that but I am now completely free from death anxiety.

As a certified practitioner, I now use those powerful tools to help my clients achieve breakthroughs and overcome their anxiety, terror, and depression. I use a blended approach to therapy including counselling, hypnotherapy and modern coaching methods.

The clients I have worked with have seen exceptional results, with their death anxiety gone and depression removed, allowing them to live their life to their full potential.

Now its time for you to live your life.

Overcome Your Fear of Death

William Moore MCMA


Work With Me If...

You are ready to COMMIT TO CHANGING your life...
You want INSTANT, long lasting RESULTS...
You have had enough of being TOO TERRIFIED TO SLEEP...
You are someone who is TIRED OF BEING A SLAVE to your mind...
You are someone who is DESPERATE TO RECLAIM their life...

Check out the benefits 


My hypnotherapy sessions are designed to provide swift relief from death anxiety.

By tapping into the subconscious mind, we can address the root causes of your fears and anxieties, facilitating transformative changes in a short period.


My therapy empowers you to take control of your thoughts and emotions, providing you with the tools to manage and reduce death anxiety effectively. By reframing negative thinking patterns and replacing them with positive, calming thoughts, you gain a greater sense of control over your mental state.

Improved Quality of Life

One of the most profound benefits of my therapy is the significant improvement in overall quality of life. As death anxiety diminishes, you will notice enhancements in various aspects of your life, including better sleep, increased focus, and more meaningful relationships.

What You’ll Get During Your Sessions

I believe in fostering a non-judgmental environment where individuals can feel safe and comfortable. I understand that to build trust and support, it is crucial to believe in each other's integrity and inner strength.

  • An individualised treatment plan based on your OWN personal, difficulties, fear and experience.
  • My unique "blended therapy", you will feel incredibly relaxed and by the end of each session ready to take on what the day has in store.
  • Working with a world class expert in Death Anxiety and Aerophobia. 
  • Proven results that help you make a significant difference to your life.
  • Improved communication and relationship skills which will give you a sense of belonging.
  • Increased emotional resilience and coping skills.
  • You will understand what has been holding you back and you will gain enhanced quality of life in the face of loss and death.


What My Clients Say..



 I could not recommend Envisioning Change enough. I feel like it has changed my life. Will made me feel safe and confident in my sessions, alleviating me of my anxieties, while providing me with techniques that I can use myself if I have any need to stop the negative thoughts. Thank you so much!

- Rebecca.R-511


Well, I have never undergone hypnotherapy before but I thought I would give it a try as I was struggling with grief, anxiety and self confidence. After undergoing a couple of sessions I feel much calmer and in control of my mind. I was a sceptic until I had this therapy, there is most definitely something in it even though I can't quite put my finger on it. I highly recommend such therapy, Will was a calm influence, very knowledgeable, kind and very caring, a total professional. A huge thank you Will, I have my own mind and life back, I cannot thank you enough.




I have been and tried several therapy techniques. This is the first time I feel I am making progress - and after a long struggle that is a relief to be able to say. Will is professional, supportive and confident. I trust him with my story and the hope of my more positive future and can’t wait to continue this journey.


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